"Follow me" 
(Text: Mike Hoffmann)



You have reached the Flash Point

Now you are ready to stand up and follow me



Follow me, Follow me

There’s a different place you wanna be

Follow me, Follow me

Wanna show you a different reality

Just close your eyes and open your heart

Find another life with the fortune of love

Follow me, Follow me

The way of truth will set you free


Rap 1:

Jumping, jumping, back in time

Like A.G. Wells in my mind

I feel it like a serious dancer

Move my body and wave my hands up

Soul is floating, my mood is fine

And like a M.C. i pump up the rhyme

The beat, the sound, the moves, the night

Flash, troubles out of sight

So here we go let’s start the show

You’ve got to know, I’ve got the flow

Back on the track, return of your mac

To reach your heart with a flaming attack

Back in the club, club back in you

You’re not alone here, we’ve got a crew

You’re down and trapped but want to get free

Just stand up now and follow me


Rap 2:

Girl, what’s up? Just let’s get loud

We’re still here, still young and proud

I’m back in the club, feel the energy

You know this feeling, just to be free

We rock the party on the dancefloor

Another night and more and more

No phone, no cam, no net, just dance

Flash, let’s move into trance

So here we go, follow the flow

Just to move, is all what we know

The rhythm makes you sweat, the melody high

The music makes you feel to reach the sky

No more chance but one more try

A reason to smile but not to cry

You’re down and trapped but want to get free

Just stand up now and follow me